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District Staff Officer: DSO-CS D. Stearns
Auxiliary National Department: Information Technology (I)

Welcome to the Communication Services Program, many of you term the office as the webmaster, computer services and computer help person, all of these accuratly describe the program area. The primary mission of the office is to develop and maintain a website, but the secondary and equally important mission is to promote the use of computers and technology within the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. This is accomplished by training and informing our members of the available electronic auxiliary resources available such as AuxEDirectory, AUXINFO, AUXDATA, POMS, and AuxPEPlus. We also encourage use of technology to simplify tasks and process within the organization such as use of email, websites, electronic forms, digital signatures, and Powerpoint.

As the auxiliary moves forward the dependence on computers and technology increases as well. This is difficult for many of our members to accept, however, with the CS office support, and technically proficent members we can ensure that these members are not left behind. We need to help these members feel comfortable and adequate using computers and technology to accomplish their needs and objectives in the auxiliary. I ask your help, as a technically proficent member to accomplish this top priority.

My primary objective for the CS program area is the ensure professional, timely and accurate information without duplication to members and the public for all units. I will accomplish this by developing a robust set of tools that empower your officers to maintain their information. This reduces the possibility for error and minimizes multiple efforts, while serving this collected information back to the unit website in a format that is suitable for display by the beginner to experienced webmaster. The currently targeted areas include: PE, VE, PA, MT, News, and Fellowship. For the technical members or those who what to learn more, this will be accomplished using a web services based Service Oriented Architeture using syndicated content from a centralized database respository, maintained using a web-based AJAX interface, served using JSON and XML via WSDL using the SOAP protocol. As well as predefined templates developed in CSS, PHP and Javascript to enable beginning to intermediate webmasters to include the information.

Whats New:

The links below should be use by existing CS officers who require a new website or review of their existing website.
  • 9ER Website Request Form
  • 9ER Website Review Form
    The links below should be of value to those who are currently a CS officer or looking for more information about the CS Program.
  • National Department of Information Technology
  • Communication Services Guide
  • Auxiliary Internet Resource Site (AIRS)
  • AUX04 C-School (Web Site Development and Powerpoint)
  • Auxiliary E-Directory
  • Public Affairs Reference Guide
  • Publications Guide
    The presentations below are district nine specific and have been presented at our past conferences. Please feel free to use them when presenting a division or flotilla training workshops.
  • 2007 Spring Conference CS Presentation
  • 2006 Fall Conference CS Presentation
  • 2006 Spring Conference CS Presentation
  • 2005 Fall Conference CS Presentation
    The items listed below are current projects that are being worked on within the CS department. Although, some of these components are complete it allows you to view and see some of the exciting capabilities that are or will be available to you soon. Please contact me to discuss the use of these application and if you would like to particpate in the beta release.
  • Website Refresh (Complete: JUN2005)
  • Materials Catalog (Complete: JAN2007)
  • Online Ride/Room Share Application (Complete: MAR2007)
  • Online Unit VE Schedule (Complete: OCT2007)
  • Online Unit PE Schedule (Complete: OCT2007)
  • News Aggregation Service (Complete: OCT2007)
  • Online Unit MT Schedule (Complete: DEC2007)
  • Memorial Tribute Application (Beta Release: DEC2007)
  • Online Unit PA Calendar & Scheduling (Anticipated Completion: MAR2008)
  • Online Coastie Scheduling (Anticipated Completion: JUN2008)
  • Materials Catalog Online Payment (Anticipated Completion: DEC2008)
  • Online Conference Reservations & Payment (Anticipated Completion: DEC2009)
  • Membership
  • Public Education
  • Vessel Exams
  • Border Reporting Requirements
  • Online Materials Catalog

    23-31JAN2010 - NTRAIN

    DHS Threat Level Unavailable

  • National Auxiliary Website
  • Chief Director of the Auxiliary
  • National Commodore Website
  • Auxiliary E-Directory
  • SITREP Auxiliary National Magazine


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