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District Staff Officer: DSO-MT M. McGrath
Auxiliary National Department: Training (T)

Training opportunities are regularly provided to Auxiliary members free of charge. The following are links to MT pages for divisions in 9ER. Refer specific questions to the DSO-MT, your SO-MT or your FSO-MT.

Whats New:

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Online Courseware: Auxiliary E-Training

Online Exams: Auxiliary E-Testing
Auxiliary personnel in this district have recently been authorized to take online examinations for various qualifications. The exception is Navigation Rules, which must still be administered be a QE. Online examinations will be administered by District 7. Any technical difficulties should be reported to the DCO via your DCP.

Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) Program:
The AUXOP program is a training program available only to Auxiliarists. An AUXOP member has completed six advanced specialty courses and is entitled to wear the special AUXOP device on the uniform. The AUXOP specialty courses provide an excellent foundation for the boat crew and coxswain program. For a description of the courses click here.

For more information on your local AUXOP courses see your FSO-MT. Although these courses are offered online, they are best experienced in an interactive classroom environment along with other Auxiliarists. [Source: DSO-MT, 18 Apr 04]

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